WRC-X board for B77 and PR99 MKI

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The new revolutionary upgrade for your reel-to-reel recorders!

A unique combination of software and hardware, designed and built by Analogplanet, that automatically connects to your WIFI network allowing you to control your recorders remotely, view their status in real time, and add new features.

  • Album management, with all the tracks on your reels
  • Automatic recognition of the song that is currently in play
  • Search for a specific song within a reel using the autolocator
  • Automatic return to zero function
  • Integration with Google Alexa for control via voice commands
  • Counters for power-on time, total playback time, and recording time
  • LCD color display for B77 e PR99 MKI
  • New features for B77 and PR99 MKI such as Intelligent Pause, Autolocator, Zero Loc button
  • The counter is saved when the machine is turned off and restored at power on
  • Multiple recorders management
  • Automatic recognition of recorders in the network

Control your recorders using your smartphone or tablet after installing the dedicated board for your recorder. All boards are completely plug and play as installation is done without soldering and requires no special technical skills. The software is available for Apple IOS and Android devices and allows simultaneous control of all recorders equipped with a WRC board. All the original functionality of the recorder remains unchanged and it is still possible to use the controls on the machine in the traditional way.

Click on this link to visit the dedicated section of the website and find out all the details: WRC - Analogplanet 

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