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Welcome to Analogplanet 

Analog audio is our passion. We provide repair, calibration and sale of equipment both in consumer and professional field, solid state and tubes HIFI and Audiophile components, reel to reel recorders, turntables, amplifiers, outboards and recording studio equipment. We design and produce studio outboards with original Studer, Telefunken, EMT circuits as well as custom equipment, modifications and upgrades to existing components. We restore vintage equipment by performing recapping, restoration of parts and calibration. We are specialized in repair, overhaul and sale of professional reel to reel tape recorders (Studer, Telefunken, Ampex, etc.) and consumer models (Revox, Akai and Technics, etc.) both multitrack and stereo or full track mono. We are official suppliers of RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana where we take care of maintenance and restoration of reel to reel recorders used for digitizing analog masters for Teche RAI and we work with the largest Italian recording and mastering studios such as Elettroformati, Antonio Baglio Mastering, Officine Meccaniche, Pinaxa Studio, Alary Park, and many others. We have a big showroom where you can listen to any recorder before buying and perform comparative tests with other machines in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. We perform digital transfer of analog tapes in all existing formats (up to 24 tracks on 2 "tape) and digital (Sony Dash, Prodigi, Adat), restoration and recovery of damaged tapes or those with the 'sticky tape' problem '(Ampex 456 etc) through heat treatment in a special oven at constant temperature and humidity. We use Apogee, Universal Audio and Avid converters (Protools HDX) according to customer needs, all tracks can be supplied in the desired format with sampling up to 192 Khz 24bit.


Reel to reel recorders 

Studer A810 2 in vendita In our studio we have a wide range of reel to reel recorders for sale. These machines are serviced and tested in our laboratory and for each one of them we provide a detailed statement of all the interventions performed and the results of the audio tests. All the revision, alignment and calibration services are performed with high quality instrumentations such as Rohde & Schwarz UPL, Agilent, Tektronix. In particular, for calibration we use MRL Labs calibration tapes. All the recorders are available for comparative audio testing at our showroom prior booked appointment. It is possible to directly pick up your machine or alternatively we can ship it to you through express courier. Please contact us to check if your desired machine is currently available or to ask about machines that are not shown on our website. We can discuss about exchanges with your devices or requests of pick up of your machines. All the recorders we put out for sale have been previously revised both mechanically and electronically. Furthermore, all the problematic components that are not reliable anymore, such as the filter capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, have also been replaced by modern and high quality equivalent. In particular, regarding our audio section, we use strictly selected audiophile grade components, like, for example, film capacitors. This thorough process allows us to present you a machine which characteristics are often superior to the original ones declared by the constructor.

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Tape Transfer and Transcription 

Studer A820 tape digitization Vasco Rossi 24 tracksWe perform digital transfer and transcription from both analog and digital tapes (Sony Dash, Prodigi, Adat) and we are able to transfer all the available formats up to 24 tracks on a 2 inches tape. We also restore and recover tapes that are damaged or that present the so called ‘sticky tape problem’ (for example Ampex 456) using a specific vented oven with steady and controlled temperature. We are in charge of the Sony Music archive, especially regarding the production of the "Legacy Master Tapes" collection. We are also responsible for the technical management of the “RAI teche” headquarters in Rome and Turin, where historic RAI archive tapes are being digitalized. We also work with different mastering studios (Elettroformati, Energy Mastering, Antonio Baglio, etc) offering multiple options of audio finalization on digitalized files or on vinyl. In order to avoid unwanted audio alterations, in our digitalizing process we use Apogee Symphony converters and the tracks can be acquired in many different formats up to 192 kHz 24 bits. In order to guarantee the highest quality, all the recorders we use are periodically aligned and kept in a perfect mechanical and electronical shape. We put a lot of effort in maintaining the original sound we find on tapes, for this reason we only use the best converters available for analog tape transfer from 2 to 24 tracks. For digital tapes like Sony Dash and Prodigi we never use converters. In fact, we keep the audio stream we find on the tape in a digital form and then, after we convert it in MADI, we acquire it directly on the ProTools system, ensuring the complete fidelity to the original product.

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Repair and Maintenance

Laboratorio ArticleWe repair devices both on a consumer level both on a sophisticated audiophile level, whether they are solid state or tubes. Our laboratories are organized to perform different kind of services, depending on the technologies and instrumentations we are going to need. You can ask us for a free estimate of costs, we are at your disposal for any kind of need and clarifications. All the revision, alignment and calibration services are performed in our specialized laboratories with highly precise instrumentations (Neutrik, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Hewlett Packard) to guarantee the maximum quality and result you can expect. We have a lot of free space to collect even wide analog consoles, multitrack recorders and studio monitors, for which we can also offer to make some maintenance adjustments directly at your studio. In particular, we often work on these devices:  :


    • Vintage Hifi, in particular reel-to-reel recorders, piastre, turntables, amplifiers and tuner
    • Hifi and audiophile components (McIntosh, Audio Research, FM Acoustic, etc)
    • Professional and Pro Audio Power Amplifiers
    • Analog Consoles (Studer, Neve, SSL, MCI, etc) for repairs and calibration
    • Outboards and professional devices for studio recording
    • Amplifiers for music instruments, either valve and solid state
    • Active and passive monitors, restoration and regeneration of transducer, microphones and speakers
    • Vintage music instruments, keyboards, synth and electroacoustic pianos
    • Verification, calibration and certification of audio devices



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Studio Gears 

Studio Gears Article

We design and build studio outboards, preamplifiers, summing boards, channel strips and custom gears, both in rack and API 500 series format. Feel free to ask us about our products or request a custom device according to your needs. All our products are assembled completely by hand by our specialized technicians. About channel strips, each channel is fully revised before installation in the rack, switches and potentiometers are cleaned and finally the board is aligned and tested using highly precise instrumentations. The channel strip is composed by two completely independent channels, each one of them comprehensive of mic pre, line input, eq, filters and output controllers. Each channel is usable singularly or you can process stereo signals, using them both. Two versions are available, depending on the type of Studer channel you are willing to use. The only difference regards the equalization section. We perform custom modifications and upgrades on various models of audio devices, outboards and consoles. The results present more prominent bass, a better stereo performance, lower noise and harmonic distortion. If you have any kind of specific need and request, we are happy to help you find out the best options for your devices. All our services are performed in our specialized laboratory with highly precise instrumentations including Rohde & Schwarz UPL, Agilent and Tektronix.


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